ADS-B Compliance

If your flight operations currently require a Mode C transponder, you will need ADS-B Out by January 1, 2020.

There are a variety of equipment options depending on how, where, and what you fly, and some great benefits to adding ADS-B In as well.

Call or stop by Flight 1 Aviation today to discuss the ADS-B solution that is best for you.

Fun Facts

• ADS-B is the first core technology within NextGen.

• ADS-B, an Air Traffic Management (ATM) Surveillance system, will replace older radar-based systems, increasing accuracy and providing wider coverage. This will also safely reduce separation and create more efficient routing, along with many other benefits.

• With ADS-B Out the aircraft reports its position through the network. With ADS-B In, it additionally receives weather, traffic and other information from the ground network and other aircraft.

• Aircraft owners are able to choose to either keep or replace their current transponder. ADS-B In receivers are optional; however, they allow for important weather and traffic data services.

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