Lynx NGT-9000

More than just traffic information.

Lynx NGT9000 Series

One-for-all. All-in-one.

Upgrade Your Aged Garmin Panel

Replace your legacy avionics with a new SLIDE-IN Avidyne stack!

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Replace your transponder today and start enjoying the benefits and peace of mind that L-3 provides. L-3’s Lynx NGT-9000 is an ADS-B In/Out transponder that’s also a touchscreen display for traffic, weather, airport data and restricted airspace. Lynx is a single-box ADS-B solution with an embedded GPS-WAAS, eliminating the complexity and cost of multiple components. All NGT-9000 models have the capability to display ADS-B data on MFDs, PFDs and iPad apps.


Avidyne’s expanding line of avionics products include the Entegra Release 9 integrated flight deck, safety-enhancing DFC90/100 digital autopilots, datalink-capable EX600 multi-function displays (MFD), and a full line of safety sensors.


Aspen’s flagship product line is the Evolution Flight Display system, the most innovative—and affordable—glass cockpit system ever for certified general aviation (GA) aircraft.


Free Flight has a proven record of innovation, including a number of NextGen firsts — the first airborne WAAS/SBAS GPS receiver; the first rule-compliant ADS-B UAT TSO; the first UAT STC and the first FAA-approved UAT for ground vehicles.

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